Life Transitions

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Life transitions such as divorce, health issues, death, a new baby, career change or career loss, a move to a new neighborhood or city, or retirement can bring on a number of unfamiliar thoughts and feelings. What do I do now? How do I move forward? Did I make a mistake? Contact me about counseling and together we will work to address your feelings of uncertainty.

Anxiety, Depression, Trauma & Stress

anxiety depression trauma stress

Feelings such as increased sadness, anxiety, low self-esteem, helplessness, etc. are uncomfortable. These feelings can create strained relationships in many aspects of your life. Are you ready to understand where these feeling come from and how to engage in therapy to work through them? Let's talk!


judgment free zone, safe space, LGBTQ

Gender identity is not always a source of distress. This is an assumption made by family, friends, colleagues, etc. but I understand this may or may not be your reality. Do you want to work through thoughts and feelings you have about your gender identity? Do you want to work through feelings of isolation, stress, or marginalization? Are you looking for a nonjudgmental space to explore issues such as coming out or mood swings? Reach out to me about counseling and let's chat!