Life Transitions

Life transitions can change your outlook on the future. Your outlook can be forced to move from feelings of contentment to feelings of vulnerability, disconnect, stress or anxiety. Counseling can provide you with an opportunity to be open and honest about your feelings of discomfort or confusion. Life transitions can be positive or negative and they can be planned or unplanned. They can happen with no warning and can be stressful and dramatic. An unexpected automobile accident, murder of a loved one, loss of a job/career, or diagnosis of a serious illness can be life-altering. While these may be emotions you have felt in the past, the added level of an unexpected life transition can push you toward your established comfort levels. I will work with you at a pace you create to examine your life, thoughts, ideas, and behaviors and make any changes you feel are beneficial for your future.

This time in your life allows you the time to evaluate your life and explore your options for a more ideal way of living. During this time of transition, you have the opportunity to revisit dreams and goals left behind in your past. Let's work together to take advantage of this time through therapy, journaling, self-care, and other activities to help you create a new path for your life. I’m here if you are ready to move forward.

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